Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps That Help You Keep Your Home Healthy and Warm Year Round

Air conditioning & heat pumps that help you keep your home healthy and warm year-round.

Olimpia Splendid’s Unico Pro is the first ducted heat pump in New Zealand that removes the need for an external unit.

Designed for New Zealand conditions and uses innovative R-32 refrigerant that has less environmental impact than traditional fluorocarbons.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of heat pumps and air conditioners is a key consideration. Especially if you’re eligible for a Warmer Kiwi Homes grant, installing an energy efficient air conditioning services system can help reduce your electricity bills.

Air conditioners and heat pumps are rated on their energy efficiency in New Zealand using the EER (energy efficency rating) rating system. These ratings are based on a laboratory test that uses fixed indoor and outdoor temperatures. In New Zealand, the EER can change when the weather changes, so you must consider your climate zone.

The best way to ensure that your air con will work in your home, all year round is to use a Daikin Heat Pump, which is approved for New Zealand conditions by Sensitive Choice. Its air purification technology, nanoe X, can function independently or concurrently with your air conditioner and works towards inhibiting bacteria viruses, allergens, pollens and mould in your living space, whilst deodorising it.

Noise Levels

Dr Fatemah Nazaran, who lives next door to Neil Huang and his partner Nicole Li, has been accused of keeping a loud air con unit going all day. The family claims that the constant noise is causing them to suffer health problems, including headaches and insomnia. Parramatta Council tested the noise levels between the two properties but found that the level of noise was below the legal limit.

Rinnai are experts in total home living, whether it’s hot water systems, ducted heating or gas fires, and have been providing Kiwi families with innovative solutions for a long time. Their smart air conditioning units work around your lifestyle to provide optimal heating and cooling.

Energy Consumption

Unlike conventional air conditioning units that use oil, heat pumps are powered by electricity. This form of energy is free of harmful pollutants, and they do not burn fossil fuels to generate heat. They are also very efficient at heating, even when it is extremely cold.

In order to choose an energy efficient heat pump Auckland, you can look at the ZERL label. The label provides a cooling star rating, cooling annual running costs and two heating energy outputs in kW. The kW consumption and star ratings are based on the climate zone you live in, so you can compare models based on their performance in your area.

Moreover, the label includes a noise reading for both indoor and outdoor unit. This allows you to easily compare if the unit will be noisy or not. This is an important consideration if you are considering buying a new air con unit for your home or office.


Air conditioning maintenance is a key part of keeping your system in top condition. By scheduling regular servicing with an expert, you can make sure your air conditioner is in good working order and ready for the heat of summer.

Unlike old window-rattling units, modern split system heat pumps have a compact outdoor unit and an air-handler installed in your home. These units communicate wirelessly using smart technology, eliminating the need for ducts between indoor and outdoor units.

Pioneer’s energy efficient ducted heat pumps are designed for New Zealand conditions, and use environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant that has lower energy usage and GWP than conventional fluorocarbon refrigerants. They’re also backed by HRV’s Healthy Home Guarantee and meet the new requirements for insulation, ventilation, draught stopping and moisture ingress.

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